Dental Implants: A Few Drawbacks

Dental Implants: A Few Drawbacks

Dentists make use of dental implants to replace missing teeth. These are also used to repair the damage caused by cavities and tooth decay. The dental offices performing dental extractions in North Bend advise the patients to get implants which are long lasting and permanent. The temporary implants though effective have some disadvantages of their own. Some of the drawbacks of the dental implants in Coos Bay or North Bend have been elaborated below –

Drawbacks of Dental Implants

Sensitiveness of Teeth: – A makeshift dental implant does not offer genuine protection to variations in temperature. Therefore, people with temporary implants find it unpleasant to consume items such as chilled food and beverages and ice creams. The consumption of hot and chilled eatables and drinks also make them uncomfortable. However, the same can be reduced with the use of certain toothpastes. In some cases, the temporary implants are required to be replaced by permanent ones.

Discomfort while biting: – If the crown, temporary or permanent makes contact with a natural tooth, there is a strange feeling. Based on the kind of contact between the implant and the tooth, there can be severe pain. Such a thing also occurs due to a minor dislocation of the implant. If there is recurring pain, then any dental office dealing with dental implants in Coos Bay can address the problem.

Adjusting to the implant: – The dental implant is an artificial item in the mouth. It is inserted along the where the teeth meet the gum. There will be some inflammation in the gums around the dental implant. When the gums acclimatize, the pain and the swelling will subside. Those performing dental extractions in North Bend are wetting the area with a mixture of Lukewarm water and salt. If the pain is intolerable, then the dentist who carried out the tooth extractions in North Bend is to be consulted.

Toothache: – In order to prepare the dental implant, the dentist involved in Dental Extractions in North Bend, will make a hole in the tooth. It is natural for that portion to pain for a few days, for which there are a few medications.

Root Canal Treatment: – The dental offices performing Tooth extractions in North Bend use an implant for a decayed tooth. If the decay has gone to the root, then the dental implant is to be removed and a root canal performed.

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