Dental Implants In Coos Bay For A Beautiful Smile

We all like to boast a perfect set of teeth. However, several circumstances, including accidents and disease can lead to gum problems and tooth loss. There are several procedures such as dental bridges that help in tooth replacement. Such procedures necessitate plastic dentures or tooth structure removal.

Dental Implants: Better Alternative

Dental implants in Coos Bay are created to offer a base for new projections. They are titanium cylinders or fixtures that are used in replacing missing teeth. These tools can make dentures fit more snugly and function more efficiently. They even feel and look like natural teeth. A lot of patients prefer to get all of their problematic teeth restored by these implants. The procedure can be completed in a couple of appointments and will offer the patient a beautiful, healthy smile.

People suffer from missing teeth due to several reasons such as trauma, dental disease, or even birth anomalies. Apart from this, there are also cases where the jawbone becomes deficient. In such circumstances, the neighboring soft gum tissues and bones are transplanted to make nearly any situation treatable. Dental implants are also cost effective and aesthetically superior. They eliminate the risk of grinding healthy teeth to fix bridges. Moreover, the life of most bridges and dentures is merely fifteen to twenty years. On the other hand, implants safeguard bony structures of the face and jaw and can last for a lifetime.

As per dentists in Coos Bay implant surgery is very simple. Here are a few advantages:

  1. There is almost no discomfort
  2. The whole procedure is pain free and fast
  3. The teeth feel natural
  4. The patient can chew, smile and speak with a lot of confidence

Dental implants in Coos Bay have completely changed the way we live. They help us rediscover confidence and comfort and offer a very high success rate. In fact, the ADA considers implants as an excellent choice for tooth replacement as they last as long as our natural teeth. They are also easy to maintain in comparison to other alternatives.

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