What Should You Expect During A Sedation Dentistry Treatment?

Sedation dentistry is an area of science that uses pharmacological agents to relax and calm a patient during and before a dental treatment.

The procedure:

Step 1:

When you arrive at a dental center for treatment, you will be requested to sit in the treatment room comfortably. You will also be asked to bring an attendant to ensure complete safety during transport, once the procedure is over.

Step 2:

The highest priority of any dental office is your safety and health. For that matter, your pulse, oxygen levels and blood pressure will be monitored continuously with state-of-the-art gadgets during, before, and after your sedation and you will not be left unaccompanied during the sedation.

Step 3:

After the IV sedation dentist in coos bay is sure that you are comfortable and safe, he/she will start the sedative and IV medication. Once you are sedated, any required local anesthetic will be given for increased comfort. The dental procedure will then be performed.

Step 4:

Once completed, the medication will be stopped completely and the IV’s will be removed. You will gradually get back into your consciousness. The IV sedation dentist in coos bay will then inform you of post-treatment precautions. Finally, once you are reactive and can stand comfortably, you will be free to go home.

Step 5:

At home you will be asked to rest and relax for the whole day, till the effects of sedation wash out completely. IV sedation dentist in coos bay normally advises napping or just lying down and watching television, and then having a light meal.

It is also compulsory to arrange for a close friend or family member to accompany you to the dental center on the treatment day, remain in the center while you are getting your treatment done, and be responsible for the after care (such as, driving, ensuring that you are absolutely comfortable in your house, giving you company for a few hours). You must also plan on wearing comfy clothes.

There are several dental offices in Coos Bay that offer sedation dentistry. However, it is very important to make sure you choose the right clinic that has well qualified, skilled dentists that use nothing but the best techniques for sedation.

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