Composite White Fillings in North Bend, OR

Your natural-looking solution to cavities.


Providing a More Cosmetic Approach

Fix small cavities and restore the natural structure and appearance of teeth.


White fillings are made of composite resin that adheres directly to the tooth surface, leaving you with a seamless restoration.

When placing a filling, our dentist preps the tooth and roughens the surface with a safe solution, making it easier for the filling to stick to the tooth. Then we cure it with a light to complete the dental bonding process.

We also offer dental bonding for cosmetic touch-ups … Click to go to the page of cosmetic dentistry … . Schedule a checkup or consultation at Above Dental in North Bend, OR.

White-Colored Fillings

Restoring the structure and beauty of your tooth.


Tooth decay causes bacteria to eat away tooth enamel, creating a small hole on the surface of your tooth that grows bigger over time.

Our restorative dentist … Click to go to the page of our team and doctors … removes this decay, cleans the tooth, and applies a composite white filling to restore your smile.

The results look and feel natural. We also use white fillings for dental bonding procedures for:

  • Repairing small chips or fractures on teeth

  • Closing gaps between teeth (diastema)

  • Whitening a single discolored tooth

  • Making slight modifications to tooth shape/size

  • Covering tooth roots exposed by gum recession

  • Protecting teeth from sensitivity


Benefits of White Fillings

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White fillings provide the following benefits:

  • Aesthetic appeal

    Compared to amalgam fillings, white fillings are more attractive because they’re colored to match your natural teeth. Composite fillings are easily mixed to achieve your tooth color, making your restoration virtually invisible.

  • Strength and durability

    White fillings create a direct bond with the natural tooth material, adhering strongly to the tooth. The composite resin is made of resilient components like glass which can withstand chewing, biting, and other occlusal forces.

  • Tooth protection

    Covering a tooth with a white filling protects it from further damage or decay. If a tooth is sensitive, the filling can close the holes in the dentin (middle of the tooth) and prevent any substance from coming in contact with the pulp (nerve). If the tooth is decayed, the filling prevents the development of new decay since bacteria cannot break down the composite resin.

  • Ease of application

    White fillings don’t require extensive removal of tooth material. The process is simple, and multiple filings can be placed in an hour in most cases. Your cosmetic dentist at Above Dental … Click to go to the home page of Above Dental … can easily sculpt the bonding material to match the shape of your teeth.


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