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Do You Need a Crown?

Discover how dental crowns can help your smile and health.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns replace a tooth without actually extracting the original one. This is possible because crowns are basically tooth-shaped caps that fit snugly over a tooth and seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile.

To an outside observer, a dental crown is undetectable. To the patient, the crown facilitates better speaking, chewing, and confidence. Get the best of both worlds with crowns that combine beauty and function.

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Crowns: The Benefits

The presence of a crown means that any problems with the underlying tooth, such as chips, cracks, or other irregularities, are hidden by the hard porcelain cap. Meanwhile, the crown also protects the interior from further damage.

Dental crowns can be used both as a cosmetic procedure … Click to go to the page of cosmetic dentistry … that beautifies a smile by fixing any imperfections in a tooth, and as a restorative technique that protects a damaged tooth from further decay or destruction.

Placing Your Dental Crown

Repair and protect your damaged tooth with our modern restorations.


Repairing your broken or damaged tooth may be easier than you think with custom crowns in North Bend, OR.

We can restore your smile in three steps using modern technology and our North Bend dentist’s expertise.

Here is what to expect when visiting Above Dental for a crown:

Do You Need a Dental Bridge?

Replace your missing tooth in no time.

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What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental crowns are an innovative solution on their own, but they also play a huge role in another cosmetic and restorative treatment – the dental bridge.

Crowns fix individual teeth, but bridges have a slightly different function. They replace missing teeth by filling the toothless (edentulous) gap with a prosthetic tooth or multiple teeth.

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Bridges: The Benefits

These prosthetics can be made from a variety of materials. The most common is dental porcelain – a tooth-colored, sturdy material from which crowns are also often made.

We customize your dental bridge to match your existing teeth seamlessly. The lifelike restoration looks and feels natural, so nobody has to know about your dental work.

Attaching Your Bridge

Replace your missing tooth in no time.


Dental implants and partial dentures aren’t your only option for replacing a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. A dental bridge uses custom-made tooth replacements held by dental crowns. Crowns are permanent and stable, offering the ideal structure to support your dental restoration.

The prosthetic tooth acts as the “bridge” part of the dental bridge, while crowns on either side hold your restoration in place. We gently prepare the natural teeth on either side of your gap and attach the bridge so you can eat, speak, and smile with full confidence again.


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