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Craig Johnson, DDS

“I will listen to all of your concerns. I’ll then go over options to address these concerns while minding budget, fears, and time to provide you with compassionate care.”

Craig Johnson headshot

Dentistry is Dr. Johnson’s passion. He loves meeting new people, working with his hands, and creating life-changing differences over small periods of time.

His interest in the field began after shadowing dentists and volunteering at free clinics during high school and college. Fun fact – Dr. Johnson studied at Loma Linda University … Click to open a new window to Loma Linda University page … , and that’s also where he met his wife.

In his free time, Dr. Johnson enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, traveling, reading, and watching movies and TV. He also likes to play games, golf, pickleball, ski/snowboard, and fish.

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Loran Ong, DDS

“I chose dentistry because it allows me to create smiles. I enjoy helping people and working with my hands, and I found that dentistry was a perfect blend of both worlds.”

Loran Ong headshot

Dr. Ong was born and raised in Loma Linda, California, and graduated from Southern Adventist University … Click to open new window to Southern Adventist University page… in Tennessee. With his upbeat energy and desire to help others, our dentist looks forward to meeting people of all backgrounds and personalities at Above Dental.

He previously worked in Anchorage, Alaska for two years, and during that time, he married his best friend, Hannah. They live happily with their dog Penny.

Outside the office, Dr. Ong loves photography and traveling with friends and family. He also enjoys biking, hiking, and golfing. A fun fact? Our dentist was the local barber in his free time throughout college and dental school.

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Dental Hygienists

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Headshot of Binh Nguyen our Registered Dental Hygienist
Binh Nguyen

Registered Dental Hygienist

Headshot of Breanna Adams our Registered Dental Hygienist
Breanna Adams

Registered Dental Hygienist

Headshot of Gemma Sanchez our Registered Dental Hygienist
Gemma Sanchez

Registered Dental Hygienist

Headshot placeholder
Kelsea Kubli

Registered Dental Hygienist

Headshot of Sarah Horst our Dental Hygienist
Sarah Horst

Dental Hygienist

A collage of the different rooms in the Above Dental dental office

Front Desk Team

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Headshot of Jodi Peck our Office Manager
Jodi Peck

Office Manager

Headshot of Michelle Briones our Front Desk
Michelle Briones

Front Desk

Headshot of Dani Crockett our Front Desk
Dani Crockett

Front Desk

Headshot placeholder
Chelsee Carter

Front Desk

Headshot placeholder
Melody Byrum

Front Desk

Headshot placeholder
Cassandra DeGan

Front Desk

Dental Assistants & Techs

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Headshot of Sheila Prescott our Dental Assistant
Sheila Prescott

Dental Assistant

Headshot of Deborah Perez our Sterilization Tech
Deborah Perez

Sterilization Tech

Headshot of Jenna Bryant our Dental Assistant
Jenna Bryant

Dental Assistant

Headshot of Cadice Callaway our Dental Assistant/Sterilization Technician
Cadice Callaway

Dental Assistant/Sterilization Technician

Headshot of Rachel Oman our Dental Assistant
Rachel Oman

Dental Assistant

Headshot of Amelia Gonzalez our Dental Assistant
Amelia Gonzalez

Dental Assistant

Headshot of Wendy Lua our Dental Assistant
Wendy Lua

Dental Assistant

Headshot of Heather Rohlik our Dental Assistant
Heather Rohlik

Dental Assistant


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