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Candy Buyback 2018

Thank you everybody who stopped by our office to bring us candy! At the end of the day we had 160 lbs! Nathan brought us the most candy and as usual, he donated ALL to Relay for Life. That’s close to $400! Runners up: The Howards and The Stotlers! Congratulations everybody and see you again next year!

Salmon Picture Contest 2018

Salmon Picture Contest 2018! Post your salmon picture(s) on our Facebook page, email it to or drop it off at our office for a chance to win a nice pellet grill & smoker: Last 2 winners were all “creative pictures”, so use that knowledge! Please be a good sport and use this season’s pictures of your locally caught salmon. Limit is 3 entries per person. Bonus points awarded for nice back stories! Submit your picture before 10-31-2018, we will vote for a winner and announce the lucky winner 11-05-2018. This contest is open to anyone, patient or not! By

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Above Dental in North Bend receives Outstanding Business Award

ABOVE DENTAL in North Bend receives this weeks OUTSTANDING BUSINESS AWARD from all of us at 105.9-THE LEGEND and Checkerberrys Flowers and Gifts.  ABOVE DENTAL has just completed their annual FREE DENTAL DAY in which they provide dental services to members of our community at no charge.  It’s this kind of service to the community that builds outstanding communities. That’s THE LEGEND’S own Usiel presenting the award and floral arrangement to the ABOVE DENTAL TEAM in North Bend. Full article here

400th Google Review

Go us! We just received our 400th Google review and almost all of those were 5 star reviews! Thank you everybody who wrote us a review it means a lot to us that you took the time and effort to do this. We will contact the writer of the 400th review, we have something nice for you!

Candy Buyback 2017 Results

Thanks to all the kids that helped us collect 173 pounds of delicious candy! This will make our troops overseas very happy.  We will ship it to Operation Gratitude and they will distribute the candy.

Candy Buyback Halloween 2017 at Above Dental

  We will buy your candy for one dollar per pound, and Operation Gratitude will send it to our troops overseas. The kid who brings us the most candy will win $150 and $150 to a charity of his/her choice.

Free Dental Day 2017 Summary

Free Dental Day 2017 Summary. Team Above Dental wants to thank: Dr. Dane Smith Dr. Treavor Fisher from Fisher Dental Kili Brundridge Kayce McGilvery Katie Aguilar Amelia Sevy Rosa Atencio Jill Hayner-Thompson Glenda Hadden Trevin Mills Don Parker Gloria Rizo Lima Veliz Dr. Joe Martin & Kimberly Erin Bennett Shelia Myhrvold Mary Woolley Kimberley Nix-Rollins for all your help, cookies, snacks, vegetables and supplies that helped us with our second annual Free Dental Day. Below are the stats we reached by the end of this rewarding day: 128 patients 302 x-rays 42 fillings 59 extractions 45 cleanings 1 crown recementation

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Free Dental Day: August 11, 2017

One week until our second annual Free Dental Day. We are ready and hope to help a lot of people that day. Thank you KCBY for airing this!

Jim Gronemyer DDS

Tomorrow (Wednesday 5-31-2017), Dr. James “Jim” Gronemyer starts working at Above Dental. He had a practice in Myrtle Point for many years. He will work 2 days a week: Wednesdays and Fridays. Call us at (541) 435-2879  if you want to setup an appointment with Dr. Gronemyer!

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

  Dr. Brice at Above Dental is now offering a minimally invasive (no stitches at all!) procedure for Gum Recession Treatment. Watch the video below for more details. Read more here.