Common Dental Emergencies Handled By North Bend Dentists

There are several dental problems that require immediate action. Emergency dentists can help patients before their minor issues go completely out of control. Of course, there is no need to rush to a clinic every time there is a problem. But, when the pain is so severe that it starts damaging your overall health, it’s best to visit an emergency dentist in North Bend. Here are a few situations that call for emergency check up.

Tooth Loss

If an adult loses a tooth, it will be lost forever unless he/she takes immediate action. If your tooth falls out then make sure you find it and take it to your emergency dentist who can then implant the tooth successfully. The quicker you are in doing so, the greater the chance that the tooth can be saved.


Abscesses are swollen gum tissues. They are extremely hurtful and signal towards infection. They are visible as lumpy pockets, often filled up with fluid. Even if they don’t cause any kind of discomfort, it is best to go see an emergency dental expert to avoid more decay and tooth loss.

Tooth Pain

Severe or persistent toothache indicates towards deeper issues that necessitate immediate attention. In case the pain makes normal actions like chewing impractical or uncomfortable, then you must rush to a dentist in North Bend immediately.

Bitten tongue and lip

Biting down on a lip or tongue is extremely painful, and might cause severe bleeding. There can be times when this may require medical attention. It is best to get in touch with a specialist immediately.

Dislocation and jaw fracture

Dislocated or fractured jaws are both believed to be very serious emergencies. Such accidents are bound to cause significant trauma, and serious life-threatening problems. It is important to seek medical attention immediately. It is also advisable to follow first aid protocol during transit.

Getting ready for dental emergencies should be a significant part of every family’s first aid plan. Without proper information on how to handle dental emergencies, a minor tooth problem can turn into a major health issue.

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