When Do You Require Emergency Treatment?

Dental emergencies are uncommon, but at times hard to avoid. It is, therefore, important to have a basic idea of the type of dental problems that require this kind of urgent care. Here are few of the emergencies that necessitate immediate treatment.


The most common reason to seek emergency care is periapical periodontitis or persistent toothache. Such pain is uncomfortable and tends to worsen when the patient chews on something. The gums may also start to hurt and a pustule might form that might further lead to inflammation. This is an emergency situation that requires to be treated immediately to avert side effects such as, airway obstruction.


Another condition that requires the services of a dentist is bleeding and trauma. Usually, when teeth fall out, the socket bleeds for some time and then starts to self heal. The problem begins if the clots dislodge and cause more bleeding. An expert specializing in such cases will be required to control the bleeding by applying pressure to the distressed area. In case that does not work, they might also utilize a hemostatic agent.


Another reason that might call for an emergency is fractured teeth. Fractures, particularly those that tend to reach the inner layers of the teeth, need immediate attention to prevent any kind of infection. What the dentist will do is place the padding on the troubled part. You will have to see a dentist before 24 hours to ensure there are no further damages.

Not every dental clinic provides emergency services, consequentially it is important to find one in your locality. Do not wait till an accident occurs, as this can lead to permanent damage. Collaborate with reputed family dentist Coos Bay beforehand so that you get the right treatment when required. A dental office that specializes in emergency care can offer the expertise to get rid of the problem safely, effectively, and quickly.

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