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How to Convince College Students to Listen to Dentists and Not Self-diagnose

Have you ever felt any discomfort with your teeth and gums or experienced any symptom of an oral health problem and just looked it up on the Internet without going to the dentist? If yes, stop! You might be putting your oral health at risk.

Now that information can be easily obtained anywhere, many people, including college students, rely on Google and self-diagnose instead of going to the dentist and seeking dental advice regarding their oral health. Looking it up online seems like a much simpler while in the midst of classes and assignments. College and university students who are living away from home may be difficult to persuade to listen to their dentists, but parents need to emphasize the risks of self-diagnosis.



What are the risks?

Self-diagnosis can pose a number of risks to one’s oral health and overall health. Some of the dangers of self-diagnosis include the following:

  1. Misdiagnosis

It’s very easy for students to misdiagnose their symptoms. Remember that laymen don’t have the proper education and training to diagnose an oral problem that dentists have. As such, they can easily mistake a symptom for another oral problem.

For example, one may think a toothache is a result of tooth decay, but in reality, it could be anything from tooth fracture to bruxism, periodontal disease, or a damaged filling. Only a dental expert knows and can identify the nuances that separate one oral problem from another even though they share the same symptoms.

  1. Wrong medication

Misdiagnosis can push one to make a wrong decision such as buying a medicine that will not treat the problem or taking one which can cause dangerous reactions in the body. Taking a wrong medication can result in harmful side-effects which may affect your overall health. That’s why it’s better to visit your dentist to ensure that you only get safe and effective treatments and procedures that can directly address your oral problems.

  1. Wrong focus

Self-diagnosis especially in cosmetic dentistry can cause a person to shift his focus to one aspect of the problem only. For example, a person may be fixated on his imperfect smile, without even bothering about other areas which need immediate attention. He may be too focused on the appearance of his smile without even realizing that the health of his mouth, teeth and gums is what greatly affects his smile in the first place. But if you visit your dentist, he’ll be able to point out the underlying problem and focus his treatment on this problem. This can save not only a lot of money, but also a lot of time and effort.

Don’t make the wrong decision of self-diagnosing and jeopardizing your entire health. If you’re experiencing any oral problems, visit Above Dental today and have Dr. Devin Brice, DMD, or Dr. Jae Lee, DDS, conduct a dental examination to determine the root cause of your dental problem. Above Dental’s team of dental care professionals will give a proper diagnosis of your oral health problems. Call us today at (541) 756-7568 to book your appointment!

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