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Healthy Holiday Teeth

4 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Holiday Season

healthy holiday teeth

The holidays are here, and we’re all excited to taste our favorite dishes once again! However, many of us forget about our teeth when we eat during the holidays. While we only celebrate the holidays once a year, this doesn’t mean we can neglect proper oral care

We at Above Dental would like to give you some friendly reminders in keeping your oral health in check. These simple tips will reduce the risk of tooth decay and oral problems in the coming new year.

Don’t eat too much dessert

Holiday desserts are often the best, especially if you’re being served grandma’s signature chocolate pecan pie. However, if you plan to eat the entire plate, you can expect to feel some tooth pain in the following days. Whenever you eat dessert, your teeth get coated with plaque which traps bacteria and promotes enamel erosion. To prevent decay formation, limit your dessert serving and eat something to reverse its effects on your teeth, such as cheese or yogurt.

Drink plenty of water

Water can dissolve the sugars stuck on the surface of your teeth, thereby minimizing plaque formation. It washes away bacteria, food particles, and other substances that can contribute to cavity formation. Since water is a neutral substance, it also helps neutralize acidity in the mouth and promote faster remineralization of teeth.

Moderate alcohol intake

Alcohol is a highly acidic substance and it can weaken the tooth enamel if taken in high quantities. Don’t drink too many cocktails or eggnog this holiday season. Limit yourself to two glasses and drink plenty of water to neutralize the alcohol. You can also add ice to your drinks to reduce their acidity.

Brush and floss after every meal

This is a standard oral care practice, but a lot of people forget to do it during the holidays. Brush your teeth around 30 minutes after you’ve eaten your final serving. Don’t brush right after eating because your teeth may still be in a demineralized state, in which case brushing can weaken the enamel. Flossing is particularly important after eating meat because the meat fibers often get stuck in between teeth.

Follow these tips when dining this holiday season to keep your smile healthy. And don’t forget to visit Above Dental in the New Year! The best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy is by visiting our office at least twice a year. Enjoy the holidays and have fun, everyone!

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