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Do I have to get my teeth cleaned twice a year?

Quite simply, yes!

General-Dentist-Coos-BayJust as it’s necessary to practice good oral health on a daily basis, visiting your local dental practice in North Bend and having your teeth thoroughly examined by a dentist and professionally cleaned twice a year by an oral hygienist needs to be a necessary part of that routine. In fact, here are 4 indisputable reasons why you should have your teeth cleaned professionally twice a year:

Early Identification of and/or Avoidance of Cavities and Halitosis

Along with having your teeth thoroughly and meticulously cleaned during your two routinely scheduled dental visits each year, another benefit of the every-six-month visit is avoiding or early detection of cavities and halitosis. By regularly practicing good oral hygiene on your own on a daily basis and then supplementing that practice with a visit to your dentist, you’re being proactive and significantly reducing the chance of cavities forming or bad breath lingering in your mouth.  Cavities become reservoirs of bad breath-causing-bacteria, perpetuating the odor no matter how much you brush. Further, by not maintaining the cleanliness of your teeth, tongue, and overall oral health consistently can further lead to the onset of tooth decay and gum disease. Semi-annual dental cleanings and ongoing good oral hygiene can significantly help to prevent this decay, cavities, and halitosis.

Early Detection of Cancer and Other Concerns

Cancer data compiled by the American Cancer Society and reported in the online journal in May of 2015 states that nearly sixty thousand Americans develop cancers of the head and neck each year. Many of these tumors are deadly unless detected early. If you smoke you should be especially mindful of these diseases. The primary screening procedures recommended by the Oral Cancer Foundation include:  having semi-annual exams and cleanings by a dental hygienist, palpation of the lymph nodes, and a full visual exam of the oral cavity and tongue by your dentist. By scheduling semi-annual cleanings, you are not only able to maintain your healthy teeth and gums, but also simultaneously embrace the convenience of an effective and very inexpensive alternative to visiting an ear, nose, and throat specialist for screening of head and neck cancers.

Affordable and Priceless

Sometimes letting the insurance industry determine the amount and/or standard of care is the only choice dental and medical providers have. The good news is that dental insurers wouldn’t reimburse for care that is considered to be redundant or unnecessary. Most dental plans cover prophylaxis twice a year. So if you have dental insurance and the insurance pays for disease preventing care, embrace that benefit! You’re being proactive and, in the long run, you are taking the steps to avoid potential long-term oral health or dental issues in the future.

Look and Feel Great

Whether you already schedule visits to your dentist every 6-months or are in the process of starting to do that, the end result after each appointment is the same. Having your teeth professionally cleaned and thoroughly examined twice a year is a refreshing, confidence-building, exceptional feeling. If you happen to smoke, chew tobacco, drink lots of coffee, or regularly eat spicy foods, that “after-glow” you get from a comprehensive oral exam is even more noticeably brighter.  In 6 months, it’s easy for plaque, tartar, food stains, and bad breath to begin to linger in your mouth – it’s the perfect length of time to revisit your dentist’s office.

Whether you are looking to change dentists for you and loved ones and switch to a gentle, thorough, and experienced dentist in the North Bend and Coos Bay area, or can’t remember the last time you visited a dentist, contact Above Dental today.  Located on Virginia Avenue in North Bend, Above Dental is an established, patient-friendly, comprehensive, full-service dental practice for children, adults, and seniors.  Scheduling the first of your two annual dental cleanings at Above Dental will help to get you on the right track for establishing and maintaining pristine oral health. With our high-tech equipment, detail-oriented oral hygienists, and highly-skilled dentists, we can not only identify current or potential  oral health issues before they become a more challenging concern, but also provide you with recommendations on ways to further maintain your daily oral health routine.

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