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So You’re Grinding Your Teeth – How To Combat The Problem.

Grinding Your TeethTeeth grinding can be a serious problem. It is estimated that one in five adults grind their teeth so much that they risk serious long term tooth damage from this activity. Dentists in Coos Bay and dentists in North Bend have both reported teeth grinding as both a dental problem affecting many, and also one that the public isn’t very informed about. A toothache in North Bend, or a toothache in Coos Bay might seem like the result of a cavity, or too many sweets, but these Oregon Bay area dentists are finding many times it is a result of grinding teeth.

So if twenty percent of adults grind their teeth, why aren’t more people educated and aware of the damage it may cause? Usually it’s because teeth grinding is done at night while people are sleeping. They may have no idea they are grinding their teeth at night until one day they realize they have a chipped tooth. Or that their teeth seem to be wearing down for no reason. A good dentist will usually be able to spot the problem during a checkup, but how can you combat the problem on your own? Luckily there are a variety of ways to help with teeth grinding problems.

Use These Techniques To Stop Grinding Your Teeth!

Grinding-Teeth 1. Relax

This might seem like a pretty simple way to combat teeth grinding, but it is the easiest way to help with the problem. Stress is a primary reason for grinding teeth, and because most teeth grinding is done while sleeping, it is very important to unwind and be relaxed before bed. Taking a hot bath, listening to soothing music, or relaxing with a good book are just a few ways to help get you in a relaxed state before bed. Try to relax during the day as well. Regular exercise is a great way to feel relaxed by the end of the day, and is good for your health as well.

2. Watch What You Drink

Drinking too much caffeine can be a major cause of teeth grinding, and tension in general. Especially if you do so before bed. Caffeine is a stimulant, and will make you tenser than you would normally be without caffeine. Many people don’t even understand how much caffeine they might be ingesting a day. Cutting back on caffeine, especially at night when you should be trying to relax before bed, is very important to curbing your teeth grinding. An added benefit is that your teeth will also do well from skipping out on the carbonated acids in sodas, and the teeth staining properties of coffee.

These are just two techniques that you can do yourself to prevent chronic teeth grinding. Tension often leads to jaw tightening, which leads to teeth grinding. Relaxation techniques and using caffeine in moderation are two ways you can cut back on the stress and tension, and therefore cut back on the teeth grinding. Also be sure to let your doctor know, as he can often provide other tips to help.

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