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Why are mouthguards important for fall sports?

As summer turns into fall and students return to school, cheer up any active child with the promise of fall sports. Be it football, soccer or cross country, the advent of the sports season is a recurring highlight of every autumn.

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Dentists, however, are not so enthusiastic. This is because the beginning of fall sports also means an increased number of dental emergencies. To alleviate dentists’ fears and to keep your family athlete safe from harm, Above Dental professionals Dr. Brice and Dr. Lee recommend that every fall sports player invest in a mouthguard to protect their teeth.

Sports and Dental Emergencies

The potential danger lurking in every sports game is well-known. Mothers across the nation harbor some fear that the next player to crash unexpectedly or break something will be their child. However, when most parents think about sport-related injuries, they think about damage done to the limbs, not damage done to the teeth.

The lack of attention to dental emergencies is surprising because the majority of tooth-related emergencies actually stem from sport-related events. We like to think our teeth are infallible, but the truth is that a hard, expected blow to the face can very easily cause damage to a tooth. And while a chipped, cracked or knocked out tooth might not seem like as big of a deal as a broken arm or leg, its effects can be just as profound.

A chipped, cracked, avulsed (knocked-out) or otherwise damaged tooth can affect a person’s eating and even speaking habits. Missing teeth could have ripple effects across the mouth (even causing the jawbone to lose mass over time), and chips or cracks could become much more serious. On balance, dental emergencies and tooth-related injuries are some of the most problematic and yet most overlooked damages a sports player can experience.

The Solution: a Mouthguard

Luckily, tooth injuries are easy to prevent. Simply wearing a mouthguard when engaging in activities that could lead to unexpected falls or blunt trauma can do wonders in preventing tooth damage. Simple, cheap mouthguards can be purchased at a local pharmacy, and wearing those alone should keep the majority of dental emergencies at bay.

Of course, if your family member is particularly prone to accidents, you could invest in a more expensive but stronger mouthguard customized by a dentist. These mouthguards tend to fit better while being more protective, making them a good long-term investment for any family.

If you’re thinking about getting a custom-made mouthguard or if you or a family member ever experience a dental emergency, make sure to contact a dentist immediately! Above Dental dentists Dr. Brice and Dr. Lee will not hesitate to treat a patient with a painful tooth injury, and they’ll be more than happy to discuss preventative measures as well. Simply call (541) 982-2173 or visit the website to set up an appointment today!


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