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Are You Grinding Your Teeth? How To Find Out.

Talk to any dentist in Coos Bay, or any dentist in North Bend, and they will tell you that one dental problem most people don’t think about is teeth grinding. They’ll also tell you that a lot of the times a toothache in Coos Bay, or a toothache in North Bend could be directly attributed to teeth grinding. But it’s not just a problem affecting the Oregon Bay area, tooth grinding is a worldwide phenomenon. In fact studies show that roughly twenty percent of adults grind their teeth to such a degree that they risk long term tooth and jaw problems.

Greending Teeth

Dentists have done their fair share over the years educating the public on maintaining dental health. Most people know that brushing, flossing, and watching the foods they eat are a must for maintaining good dental health. But for some reason teeth grinding hasn’t got it’s fair share of attention, which is surprising when you look at the before mentioned figure that one out of five adults not only grind their teeth, but do so to the point that they risk serious dental damage. Because most people are unaware when they grind their teeth, either because they do it while sleeping, or subconsciously while awake, let’s take a look at some of the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Teeth Grinding

1. Tooth Damage

This can range from obvious damage, to damage you might not even notice without a careful inspection. Flattening and wearing on the teeth may be gradual, so get familiar with your mouth. If you notice some of your teeth seem to be getting worn down that is a sign. Some tooth damage is pretty obvious however. Chipped teeth are a big warning sign that you are grinding your teeth, and doing so extensively.

2. Sore Jaw

Teeth grinding obviously affects the jaw, as that is what you are using to grind your teeth in the first place. A good way to catch teeth grinding early and before permanent damage is done, is to pay attention to any changes in how your jaw feels. If it is unusually tight, or even sore, and you can think of no direct injury which may be causing these feelings, there’s a good chance it’s from grinding your teeth.

3. Headaches And Earaches

Headaches And Earaches

Headaches and earaches are classic symptoms of jaw tension. And grinding teeth is a classic way to get jaw tension. While you may be experiencing headaches and earaches for a variety of reasons, experiencing both is usually a pretty good sign that you may be grinding your teeth. If you experience these headaches and earaches in the morning, right after you get out of bed or around that time frame, this is a huge warning sign that you are grinding your teeth all night.

As mentioned earlier, many people are habitual teeth grinders and don’t even know it. Or often they realize so late that some dental damage has already been done. If you experience any of the symptoms above talk to your dentist. They have a lot of experience with this problem, and can oftentimes prescribe the right treatment to take care of it.

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