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Free Dental Day 2017 Summary

Free Dental Day 2017 Summary.
Team Above Dental wants to thank:
Dr. Dane Smith
Dr. Treavor Fisher from Fisher Dental
Kili Brundridge
Kayce McGilvery
Katie Aguilar
Amelia Sevy
Rosa Atencio
Jill Hayner-Thompson
Glenda Hadden
Trevin Mills
Don Parker
Gloria Rizo Lima Veliz
Dr. Joe Martins & Kimberly Erin Bennett
Shelia Myhrvold
Mary Woolley
Kimberley Nix-Rollins
for all your help, cookies, snacks, vegetables and supplies that helped us with our second annual Free Dental Day.
Below are the stats we reached by the end of this rewarding day:
128 patients
302 x-rays
42 fillings
59 extractions
45 cleanings
1 crown recementation
1 pulpotomy
We will host our third Free Dental Day on August 10, 2018.
Thank you all for making this possible!

A team of 35 worked hard all day to provide free dental care

We did a lot of free dental work

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