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Candy Buy Back for Halloween

Dr. Devin Brice  plans to buy Halloween candy from kids to send to American troops stationed overseas.

halloween candy buy backThe people in North Bend are very generous. As a result, most parents find that their kids have collected way too much candy for Halloween. Brice wants to help parents get rid of some candy while helping those who deserve it the most — our troops! Brice and his staff at will be buying back candy at the Above Dental offices starting in early November. He will pay $1 a pound, and the collected candy will be sent to U.S. troops serving overseas.

And to make the candy buy-back even more special, the child who brings in the most candy will take home $150 with an additional $150 sent to charity.

The candy buy-back is a win-win all the way around. Kids are rewarded with cash while learning the importance of helping those sacrificing for their country. The troops get some much-deserved care packages (and some sweet treats!). And, it gives parents a way to reduce the amount of candy in the house. And, the kids eat less sugary sweets, which is good for their teeth. Call Above Dental at (541) 756-7568 if you have any questions about the candy buy-back.

“I want to show the troops overseas that we support them, and I want to encourage my young patients to help too,” said Brice. “What better way than a Halloween candy buy-back? Everyone wins!”

Treats such as candy can be hard to come by when you are in the service and working overseas, and every soldier deserves a care package full of delicious things to eat. And, as every parent knows, too much candy can lead to tooth decay, which can lead to serious oral health issues. To combat these problems, Brice decided years ago to sponsor his Halloween candy buy-back, and it is always a huge success.

Halloween is a fun time for kids of all ages, and it promises to be an evening of sweet treats. However, if you end up with a bit too much candy, Brice has the perfect solution.  Each year, Brice looks forward to Halloween because it gives him the chance to show how much he loves the troops and his community, and he invites everyone to be a part of this year’s candy buy-back.

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