Cosmetic Dentistry

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Most of the time, dental patients are only concerned about how well their teeth work and they only want their dentists to keep their teeth from falling out or becoming decayed. While this is an admirable goal, our dentists are focused on something else as well: how well their patient’s teeth look.

It might not sound like a big deal, but cosmetic dentistry — dentistry services that concern the aesthetics of teeth — is actually one of the main branches of dentistry. Practitioners of cosmetic dentistry use a variety of tools to help their patients brighten their teeth and improve their smile. At Above Dental, we’re proud to present cosmetic dentistry services and procedures for patients in North Bend and Coos Bay.

Why would I need cosmetic dentistry?

Since cosmetic dentistry by nature focuses on aesthetics, it can be easy for patients with relatively good teeth to assume that this kind of treatment doesn’t concern them. However, nothing is further from the truth. Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone, and you might be surprised by just how effective the procedures can be. No one has naturally perfect teeth, and cosmetic dentistry can help any patient get closer to his or her personal ideals for a perfect smile.

People may pursue cosmetic dentistry for different reasons, but, in general, they seek cosmetic dentistry to solve problems like:

  • Discolored teeth: Teeth can become stained in a number of different ways. Many contributing factors, like the foods that you eat, the medications that you take, and the oral hygiene habits you have, are controllable, but other influences, like genetics and aging, are not. Cosmetic dentistry can help reverse color changes that happen for any or all of these reasons.
  • Irregularly shaped teeth: Sometimes, teeth can have pits or bulges (either created either from external damage or just naturally existing) which, though painless, may look strange. Cosmetic dentistry has solutions that can help cover and smooth over these irregularities until the tooth looks and feels normal.
  • Chipped or otherwise damaged teeth: Teeth are made from relatively durable material, but even teeth can become accidentally damaged. Chips or even cracks in a tooth are completely normal and can result from anything from a bad fall or a blow to the face. Sometimes, restoration may be needed in these cases, but for minor damage, cosmetic dentistry is more than sufficient.
  • Crooked teeth: Most of the time, people with crooked teeth look to orthodontia, but cheaper and far more painless solutions for minor misalignments can be found within the realm of cosmetic dentistry. Procedures that help even out or even shift teeth exist and can be explored.
  • Missing teeth: For many people, the only thing that looks worse than a badly shaped tooth is a missing tooth. Luckily, cosmetic dentists have a variety of tools they could use to replace missing teeth.

What cosmetic dentistry procedure do you offer?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures that we perform in our Coos Bay/North Bend dental clinicThat being said, what kinds of procedures does cosmetic dentistry involve anyhow? Every dentist has slightly different areas of expertise, but some of the major cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

  • Professional teeth whitening, a far more powerful version of the teeth whitening products you buy at a pharmacy. Dentists have access to and expertise with stronger chemicals that can whiten a patient’s teeth more effectively than over-the-counter products.
  • Dental veneers, which are thin, porcelain “shells” that are carefully designed to fit over a tooth. Veneers are custom-made for each patient and are versatile enough to solve the majority of cosmetic dentistry problems.
  • Dental crowns, which resemble toothlike “caps” that fit over a damaged tooth. Dental crowns are usually reserved for more the severe cosmetic issues that veneers alone cannot solve, and require slight modifications to the affected tooth to accommodate the crown.
  • Dental bridges, a cosmetic procedure that replaces a missing tooth by creating a prosthetic that “bridges” the gap. Dental bridges are anchored by dental crowns that attach to the teeth adjacent to the gap.
  • Dental implants, a relatively modern technique that replaces a missing tooth by implanting a prosthetic “tooth root” made of titanium into the jawbone. Eventually, the titanium fuses to the bone and creates a permanent root onto which a dental crown can later be attached.

If you find yourself interested in one of these procedures, or if you just want to know more about what our dentists can offer you, make sure to contact Above Dental’s office today! You can call
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