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Making a Difference | Holiday Survival Guide

Interested in helping out this season? Here are some ways to give back:

Making a Difference

What are you doing to give back to your community? Share them below with your dentist in North Bend!

5 Fantastic Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks | Holiday Survival Guide

We’ve put together a presentation of some delicious holiday drinks that are easy, fun, and appropriate for all ages.

Whether you decide on a hot or cold drink, you can’t go wrong. So check these recipes out and stir up a little holiday fun.

Share these and let us know your favorites!

Happy holidays from the your top dentist and his team in North Bend!

Top 5 Cozy Winter Treats | Holiday Survival Guide

Check out these scrumptious Cozy Winter Treats!

Share these and be sure to tell us your favorite on our Facebook page! And stay tuned for more Holiday Survival Guide goodness…

These delicious Cozy Winter Treats were brought to you by one of the best dentists in North Bend, Dr. Devin Brice. Be sure to contact us for all of your dental needs.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions | Holiday Survival Guide

With the New Year around the corner, is there an aspect of your life you want to improve? Check out this infographic on the top 10 New Year’s resolutions and see if you can relate:

Top 10 New Years Resolutions

Share your New Year’s resolutions with your dentist in North Bend!

Help Your Kids Enjoy Summer Vacation With Healthy Smiles

Summer vacation is the most fun time of year for most kids. Maybe it’s all about playing video games, staying up late, and snacking on junk food—things most kids love to do. Not to be neglected, however, are some faithful friends you desperately need long after the sun-soaked days of summer are over. Who are they? Your teeth!

Kids Enjoy Summer Vacation With Healthy Smiles

Taking Time for Oral Health

Enjoying camping trips and toasting marshmallows with friends is what summer vacation is all about. But crawling into a sleeping bag without the usual teeth brushing and flossing can take its toll on your children’s teeth over time.

The new school year is like a clean slate just waiting to be filled with good memories, and opportunities for growth and adventure. That’s why we and leading dentist in North Bend, Dr. Brice want to remind you of the importance of booking your professional teeth cleaning and checkup for your children —before the rush on the new school year is upon us.

Healthy teeth do more than provide your child with an opportunity to show off their smile for their school photo. They enable your child to be more confident, allow for easier social development, and help to promote good health. That’s a much more appealing alternative than being self-conscious about their grin, coping with the discomfort of cavities, and missing days of school from pain and infection associated with tooth decay.

The good news is that tooth decay and other oral health issues experienced by children are by and large preventable. Avoid allowing the hectic routine of summer vacation to become detrimental to your oral health routine. Do your best to help your kids understand the importance of maintaining a healthy smile, and make brushing and flossing fun along the way. As always our dental practice is here to help with any advice that you need.

Embrace the summer months and upcoming school year to the full by keeping your families smiles happy and healthy. We’ve created a kid-friendly environment that helps ensure your child’s visit to our dental office is a positive one, so book that summer checkup today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Do you have any questions about oral health for children? Please leave a comment below.

CareCredit Can Assist You With Your Dental Finances. Learn How!

At our dental care facility, we work to meet your every dental need, which includes providing financial assistance to reach your smile potential. That is why we accept CareCredit to help finance your procedures.


For those of you who have not heard of CareCredit, we are happy to address some frequently asked questions about this wonderful program, and you can always get more information by visiting their website as well.

What is CareCredit?

CareCredit is your healthcare credit card for treatments and procedures, designed to cater to your health and beauty. If you are in need of a major dental procedure but cannot pay out of pocket, CareCredit can help you pay for the procedure while you pay for it over time.

How much can CareCredit save you money?

With this program, you will not have to use your out of pocket expenses to fully pay the procedure at once. This is your healthcare credit card, which will cover the expenses that your insurance cannot usually cover. You can pay back your costly procedures at your own time as long you meet the minimum monthly requirement.

Why is it important Dr. Brice accepts CareCredit?

Many patients put off their dental treatments because they cannot afford to pay it. With CareCredit, you can pay the procedure overtime and it removes the accounts receivable responsibilities from leading dentist in North Bend, Dr. Brice, allowing him to focus on giving you the best treatment possible.

How do you qualify for CareCredit?

Approval is based on your past credit history and the information from your application.

How can you apply?

You can either apply online or download their printable application and take it to your healthcare provider. The process is fast and easy, and you will quickly learn if you’re approved.

CareCredit can give you the benefits of getting the dental treatment you need without the worry of paying your entire treatment out of pocket. Stop putting off your dental treatment because of financial reasons, and apply for CareCredit today!

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