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Family dentistry in the Coos Bay - North Bend areaDentistry often gets the reputation of being a branch health care that only applies to adults, but at Above Dental, we’re proud of the fact that we provide dental services to patients of all ages in North Bend and Coos Bay. Whether you’re a parent bringing your child to his or her very first dental examination, a middle-aged patient, or a senior, we offer dental care tailor-made for you.

What can I expect during a dental checkup?

Most family dentists design their practice around the biannual dental visits recommended for all patients. Every six months you will be scheduled for a routine checkup with your dentist.

For the most part, these checkups are relatively standard procedures. They typically begin with your dentist updating your dental information by thoroughly examining the condition of your teeth. Depending on your situation, this examination might take the form of both an X-ray and a visual look at your teeth and gums. Based on what your dentist discovers, he or she might prescribe different treatments designed to focus on different aspects of your oral health.

For example, if the examination turns up signs of a developing cavity, your dentist might not only place a filling but also decide that you would benefit from a preventative fluoride treatment. Because every patient’s situation is different, these treatments will differ from person to person as well.

What can I expect during a dental cleaning?

A professional oral hygienist will carefully clean your teeth and gums. In many ways, this cleaning might resemble your own oral hygiene practices, only with more high-tech tools. Your oral hygienist will carefully brush your teeth with a special electric toothbrush and meticulously floss your teeth. A fluoride treatment might also be applied at the end to better fortify your teeth over the next six months.

In the process of cleaning your teeth, your hygienist can help you discover places you might be missing and give you suggestions on how to brush and floss more effectively as well. Oral hygienists know that your oral health depends in part on how well you can take care of your own teeth, and your hygienist will provide whatever information they can to help you improve you own cleaning habits.

Keep in mind, that this service is not a replacement for your brushing and flossing, but rather a supplement to your routine. The importance of a daily oral hygiene regimen cannot be understated, and nothing can be as effective, consistent and thorough as cleanings. What your hygienist does is just cleaning any spaces you might be unintentionally missing.

Does my child need dental work done?

Happy kid with dental model at Above DentalMany parents might wonder whether their children need this same treatment. One of the most prevalent and yet more dangerous myths is the idea that children don’t need dental care until their baby teeth begin to fall out, or even after all of their teeth have been replaced.

This is completely false. The reality is that everyone who has teeth needs regular dental visits regardless of how old they are. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends that parents bring their infants to the dentist by the time they reach the end of their first year to make sure that each child develops good dental habits from the start. Building the habit of not only brushing and flossing but also visiting the dentist can set up a lifetime of good oral health.

Thus, as a parent, even if you think your child’s teeth look perfectly fine, you should take the initiative to jumpstart the habit of good oral health practices. You might not be able to control anything in the future, but there’s plenty you can do in the present, from helping your child brush and floss his or her teeth daily to setting up those dental visits every six months.

To make sure that both you and your children’s teeth stay healthy, set up an appointment today with the best family dentists in Oregon! Just call Above Dental at (541) 756-0155 or visit our website to reserve your time slot today.

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