Emergency Dentist North Bend


For Emergency Dentist Services Please Call The Number Below

Dental emergencies can spring up at any time. If you are suddenly experiencing pain or have severely damaged one of your teeth, it’s important to get into a dentist’s office as soon as possible.

If you need immediate dental help in North Bend please call Above Dental for emergency assistance.

(541) 756-0155

We answer our phone every day of the week and can often arrange same-day dentist visit, including weekends.

Emergency Dentist North Bend

Emergency Root Canal

The highest priority emergency cases are the ones causing pain in the mouth of the patient. Those often include a procedure usually thought of as “routine:”

Root canal therapy.

Whether you were already in our dentist office and we discovered a root canal was needed to save the tooth, or if you have tooth decay that progressed to the point of a painful abscess, emergency root canal surgery might be the only option to relieve discomfort and stop infection.

Known formally as “endodontic therapy,” root canal treatment is an important dental procedure that comes as a result of inflammation and infection of the nerve root of the tooth.

When Cavities Become Emergencies

What begins as a “simple” tooth decay eats away at the core of the tooth until it reaches the nerves found in the base of the tooth.

Once the nerves and soft tissue of the tooth are affected by decay – a root canal typically becomes the most common option.

The reason root canals can be considered an emergency procedure is because the decay can result in nerve inflammation and intense, radiating pain. In these cases, the pain may be so intolerable that immediate professional attention is needed to provide relief, and to save the tooth.
Dental Help North Bend

Don’t Wait on a Dental Emergency

Whether it’s a painful abscessed tooth, you need help by our team of cosmetic dentists, Above Dental is standing by to provide elite dental service at a moment’s notice.

If we can’t provide the immediate assistance you need, we’ll tell you how to get some fast relief and do our best to refer you to another available dentist.

For any dental emergency whatsoever, call (541) 756-0155 any time of day.

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