Cosmetic Dentist Coos Bay

Cosmetic Dentist Services Have Come A Long Way

For some, having good teeth means a lot more than just being cavity-free. It also means having teeth – and a smile – that they’re comfortable with.
Cosmetic Dentist Coos Bay

Our team of dentists at Above Dental are standing by to get you the teeth you want.

Here are some of the cosmetic dentistry fixes we provide:

  • Discoloration
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Chipped or damaged teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Gaps
  • Cosmetic Emergency Dentist

A natural smile conveys friendliness and openness. Laughter is healthy! And the willingness to communicate without worry is essential. But to do that, a person has to be comfortable with their teeth.

Teeth Whitening Coos Bay

Why Should I Get My Teeth Whitened at the Dentist?

Because over-the-counter products are so ubiquitous, teeth whitening may not seem like a procedure that necessarily requires a trip to the dentist.

But there are reasons why it’s one of the most common cosmetic procedures, and they mostly relate to how getting teeth whitened at the dentist is different from teeth whitening at home.

1. Home-Based Teeth Products Have Their Limits

Some causes of teeth yellowing may not be whitened by simple over-the-counter products. Additionally, their results are likely to be shorter-lived, especially with poor eating, drinking, or smoking habits.

2. Cosmetic Dentists Can Prescribe the Right Kind of Whitening

The main difference between OTC whitening and whitening that’s professionally done, is that a dentist can tailor the whitening that’s best for you. In most cases, whitening is possible, and our dentists can recommend that will work best with your teeth.

3. Professional Whitening Lasts Longest

The main reason why so many people turn to professional-grade teeth whitening is that the professional methods at the disposal of a dentist office all offer whitening that endures much longer than at-home options. Want safe whitening that lasts? The only place to find it is at the dentist.


Good As New!

Did you know that part of the root canal process is cosmetic?
After the procedure is complete, we put a new crown in to cover the repaired tooth that remains in the socket.

Don’t Be Held Back by Your Teeth

Crooked, stained, broken or misshapen teeth are anything but benign. Even though they may not have a direct effect on health, that doesn’t mean they don’t directly affect quality of life.
Thankfully, just about every smile can easily be transformed through modern dentistry. For a don’t-hold-back smile you’ll love, call Above Dental to see how our cosmetic dental clinic can help.

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