How to Serve Oregon Cherries this Summer

Summer in Oregon isn’t complete without the delicious family buffet meals. Whether for main courses or dessert recipes, cherries are excellent additions to the summer menu, especially because this fruit is in its peak season. We at Above Dental care about our patients’ diets because we know that food has a huge effect on overall oral health.

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This summer, should Oregon cherries be part of your menu? What effect does this fruit have on teeth?

The Best Cherries in Oregon

Oregon is one of the best places to grow cherries, and many varieties can be found around the state. Some of the most popular cherries include:

  1. Red tart cherries. This kind of cherry has a tangy flavor which blends perfectly with sweet desserts such as cherry pies, ice cream sundaes, and cobblers. It can also be used in cooking, especially in sauces.
  2. Royal Anne cherries. This variety is becoming more and more popular because of its fleshy texture. It has a mild golden-pink color with a perfect mix of sweetness and tartness.
  3. Dark sweet cherries. These cherries are great snacks as is, but they also blend well with desserts and savory recipes because they add sweetness to the dish.

Nutritional Value of Oregon Cherries

The most popular variant, red tart cherries are commonly used in dishes and desserts. Every half-cup serving of this cherry has only 60 calories, and is packed with sodium, potassium, fiber, vitamins A and C, iron, and some traces of calcium. It’s often packed in cans to preserve the freshness, although freshly picked cherries are also available in farmer’s markets.

However, cherries are naturally sweet and filled with sugar. Every 100 gram serving of cherries packs 8 grams of sugar. Although it has a low glycemic index and is considered good for diabetics, the fructose in cherries can still be bad for teeth because this natural sugar promotes bacterial growth and reproduction. This can trigger tooth decay and gum disease. Apart from that, the red pigments in cherries can also stain the teeth if eaten excessively.

How to Make Oregon Cherries Tooth-Friendly

Since cherries are high in sugar, you need to limit their consumption, especially if you are eating it as a dessert. Cherry pie is particularly sweet and needs to be eaten in moderation. After eating, you should also drink plenty of water to rinse away the sugars sticking to the surface of your teeth. You should also eat cherries in combination with other foods, particularly those which are tooth-friendly, such as cheese and milk to reverse the negative effects of fructose on teeth.

Dental Health after Summer

After all the celebrations and picnic lunches this summer, don’t forget to check in with Above Dental  for a dental examination. Your teeth will need professional cleaning to remove the plaque and calculus that have formed over the season. Above Dental is open to all patients, old and new. All you have to do is give us a call at (541) 756-7568 or request for an appointment through our online contact form. It would be much better to enjoy family dinners and feasts year-round when you have strong, healthy, and beautiful teeth!

Keeping Up with Dental Care on Summer Break


There is so much to do during the summer! There’s the fun stuff like watching baseball games, having a water balloon fight with the kids, and then there’s the not-so-fun responsibilities that come with summer — weeding the yard, fixing the air conditioner, driving the kids around town.

There’s a lot to do, but in between all of the fun and the chores, don’t forget about your dental care!

Good oral hygiene habits

Of course you know that you should brush twice a day, floss once a day, and visit the staff at Above Dental twice a year for a good, thorough cleaning!

Keeping up with these habits over the summer is important. Not brushing and flossing as well as you should can lead to a build-up of plaque, which can lead to tooth decay, and eventually gum disease and other serious problems.

Make sure you don’t go to your next dental appointment only to find out that your summer fun has led to winter cavities!

Good dental care includes eating right, too!

Of course you know that for healthy teeth and gums, you should limit your sugary treats. But did you know that there are some foods you can eat that will make teeth healthier?

Crunchy veggies and fruits such as carrots, celery, and apples help to scrub debris off of teeth, and they also stimulate saliva, which washes debris off of teeth. And, there are many foods you can eat that are packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for keeping teeth and bones strong: oranges, eggs, dairy products, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some kinds of fish, just to name a few.

Grabbing some healthy summertime fruit can even help you keep your teeth white! Strawberries and lemons are great for teeth whitening. Mash the strawberry up and rub it on your teeth, then rinse it off. Strawberries have malic acid, which helps to lift stains off of teeth. Or, mix the juice of a lemon with some warm water and rinse your mouth — this mixture can help to whiten teeth as well.

Good dental care when you’re on the run

Summer time is a very busy time, whether you are at home or on the road taking your annual vacation. But there are easy ways to take care of your teeth, even if you don’t have easy access to your toothbrush!

  • Drink lots of water, especially at meals. Water washes food and bacteria off of teeth.
  • If you can’t get to your toothbrush, gargle with some water to clean teeth
  • Carry around some sugar-free gum, which also helps to keep teeth clean by stimulating saliva production

Whatever plans you have for summer, make the time to take good care of your teeth — it is worth it! Try to stay away from too much sugar, eat healthy foods, brush, floss, and make sure you come to Above Dental if you have any problems or just need a good cleaning!

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