5 Delicious DIY Holiday Recipes | Holiday Survival Guide

Get out your cooking utensils, and put on your aprons and chef hats – we have some fantastic DIY Holiday Recipes that will make anyone hungry!

Do you have a recipe of your own you’d like to share? Post it in the comments below or on our Facebook.

Happy Holidays from your dentist in North Bend,

– Dr. Devin Brice

Be Merry with These 5 Holiday Parties | Holiday Survival Guide

We all know the holiday season is an opportunity to spend well-deserved time with the family. However, why not kick it up a notch and host a fun holiday party everyone can enjoy!

In honor of our Holiday Survival Tips, we want your party to stand out among the rest. Add some of your own inspiration to these top 5 holiday parties.


1) The Ugly Sweater Party

There’s no hiding it. We all have that ugly sweater given by Aunt Shirley, which we immediately stashed in the attic. Well…wear it proudly at your Ugly Sweater Party—where the photos are priceless and everyone has a good laugh.

2) White Elephant Party

This is gag-gift giving at its finest. Instead of spending the time and effort to shop for friends, acquaintances, or employees, why not host a white elephant party where you can give the best present of them all: laughter and memorable moments.

If you are unsure how to throw a white elephant party, be sure to check out this website.

3) The Caroling Party

Have you been caught humming to the holiday classics? Open up those vocal chords with friends and family by hosting a Caroling Party. Meander to a karaoke bar or buy a home karaoke set, and belt out your holiday spirit—laughter with friends and family guaranteed!

4) Cocktail Party

Whether you love the fruity drinks or prefer a hard cider, we all have different tastes in cocktails. Why not take our taste buds to a whole new level by hosting a Cocktail Party? Ask your guests to bring their favorite cocktail recipes and let the merry times begin!

Get the juices flowing by checking out our Holiday Cocktail Recipes presentation.

5) Holiday Movie Marathon

Who doesn’t love a holiday classic? A Holiday Movie Marathon is an excellent way to gather your friends and families and share laughs and memories together. Tip: Be sure to keep your repertoire less than 5 movies to keep your party merry.

If you need a list of movies, read this article for 10 holiday classics.

Start planning your party and add your own flair to make it truly memorable! And remember to keep Dr. Brice, your Bend Cosmetic Dentist, of Above Dental in mind for all of your dental needs.

Share with us: What holiday parties are you throwing? Is there one you would you like to throw?

The Holiday Survival Guide

As you know, the upcoming holiday season can be a joyous time of year but also semi-stressful at times. Planning parties, meals, gifts, and can definitely take its toll on your schedule, health, and sanity.

That’s why we are excited to announce something that will be extremely beneficial to you during the upcoming holiday season: The Holiday Survival Guide.

The Holiday Survival Guide

We have spent countless hours creating a fantastic guide to benefit you patients during this fun but semi-stressful time of year.

Whether it’s outsmarting the hordes of ravenous shoppers on Black Friday or just battling hungry stomachs at the dinner table, the Holiday Survival Guide has the recipes, tips, and advice you need to make it through the season.

So sit back and let us help you not only survive the holidays but thrive during them as well.

Make sure to check back for weekly updates to the Holiday Survival Guide on our Facebook and Blog, starting the week of November 1st.

As your North Bend Dentist, Dr. Brice and the rest of the Above Dental team look out for our patients and our community. The Holiday Survival Guide is just another fun way to do that. Join the fun this season!

We’ll be sure to take care of you.

Happy Holidays!

– Above Dental

Why Searching Insurance Providers Is The Wrong Way to Find A Dentist In North Bend

Too many people take the lazy way out of searching for a dentist. They don’t take the time to call or even visit each one in town. Instead, they contact their insurance provider and ask for a list of dentists and then make a choice based on which one is closer. This is the convenient way of looking for a dentist and it’s a great time saver when you’re incredibly busy, but it’s no way to find a good dentist. While finding a dentist within your network is important, you will soon see that there are better ways to find the ideal dentist in North Bend.

Bad Rapport: What if you don’t get along with the dentist you’ve chosen? What if your dentist is mean, cruel or bad to your kids? When you choose your dentist in North Bend by your insurance provider only, you may be taking a real gamble with the dentist’s chair side manner.

Disorganized Office: How frustrating would it be for you to show up for your dental appointment only to find that the staff lost your file? Or worse, what if your file got mixed up with another patient’s and you’ve just scheduled an unnecessary root canal?  Your dentist in North Bend should be extremely organized and you can’t tell how organized a dentist is by calling your insurance provider. Instead, you need to make an office visit to see just how organized that dentist really is.

Substandard Tools: Your dentist should always use the most state-of-the-art dental tools and procedures on your smile and the smiles of your family members. If you choose your dentist by your insurance provider, you have no idea what you might be getting you and your family into. Make a visit to the dentist in question and ask to see the tools of the trade. That will tell you most of what you need to know when it comes to finding a good dentist in North Bend.

Don’t choose your dentist out of a hat. Make visits, get to know the dentist and the staff and only then are you sure to find the best dentist in North Bend.

Important Things to Tell Dentist In North Bend On Your First Visit

Dentist First VisitYou’ve just scheduled your first appointment with your North Bend dentist. If you want to have the best appointment possible and you want subsequent appointments to go a bit easier, you should consider having a very important conversation with your dentist. What types of things should you talk about? The following should help to give you some ideas of some important things to tell your North Bend dentist on your very first visit.

Fearful Of Dentists: Your dentist may have ways of helping you cope better if you happen to be fearful of your dentist in North Bend. Especially if you are going to be undergoing some sort of surgery or serious dental procedure, your dentist may be able to give you something to help you relax using sedation dentistry and other techniques.

First Visit DentistAllergies: Your dentist is going to want to know that nothing he uses will interact with any allergies you may have. Anesthetic, cleaning gels and teeth whiteners may conflict with certain allergies. Be up front with your dentist in North Bend to avoid complications.

revious Dental Emergencies: If you’ve lost teeth or you’ve undergone a few root canals, relay that dental history to your dentist. Don’t assume that your dentist can tell everything about your mouth just by looking at a few X-rays. Help your dentist complete your dental history by being forthcoming with anything that may have happened to your teeth, mouth and gums in the past.

When you first sit down with your dentist in North Bend, that’s when you will want to get to know him or her. This is also the time to relay anything about yourself that may make your dental appointments easier in the future. Don’t wait for your dentist to ask you. Make a list of these and other important facts about yourself and you’re sure to have a great first appointment.

So You’re Grinding Your Teeth – How To Combat The Problem.

Grinding Your TeethTeeth grinding can be a serious problem. It is estimated that one in five adults grind their teeth so much that they risk serious long term tooth damage from this activity. Dentists in Coos Bay and dentists in North Bend have both reported teeth grinding as both a dental problem affecting many, and also one that the public isn’t very informed about. A toothache in North Bend, or a toothache in Coos Bay might seem like the result of a cavity, or too many sweets, but these Oregon Bay area dentists are finding many times it is a result of grinding teeth.

So if twenty percent of adults grind their teeth, why aren’t more people educated and aware of the damage it may cause? Usually it’s because teeth grinding is done at night while people are sleeping. They may have no idea they are grinding their teeth at night until one day they realize they have a chipped tooth. Or that their teeth seem to be wearing down for no reason. A good dentist will usually be able to spot the problem during a checkup, but how can you combat the problem on your own? Luckily there are a variety of ways to help with teeth grinding problems.

Use These Techniques To Stop Grinding Your Teeth!

Grinding-Teeth 1. Relax

This might seem like a pretty simple way to combat teeth grinding, but it is the easiest way to help with the problem. Stress is a primary reason for grinding teeth, and because most teeth grinding is done while sleeping, it is very important to unwind and be relaxed before bed. Taking a hot bath, listening to soothing music, or relaxing with a good book are just a few ways to help get you in a relaxed state before bed. Try to relax during the day as well. Regular exercise is a great way to feel relaxed by the end of the day, and is good for your health as well.

2. Watch What You Drink

Drinking too much caffeine can be a major cause of teeth grinding, and tension in general. Especially if you do so before bed. Caffeine is a stimulant, and will make you tenser than you would normally be without caffeine. Many people don’t even understand how much caffeine they might be ingesting a day. Cutting back on caffeine, especially at night when you should be trying to relax before bed, is very important to curbing your teeth grinding. An added benefit is that your teeth will also do well from skipping out on the carbonated acids in sodas, and the teeth staining properties of coffee.

These are just two techniques that you can do yourself to prevent chronic teeth grinding. Tension often leads to jaw tightening, which leads to teeth grinding. Relaxation techniques and using caffeine in moderation are two ways you can cut back on the stress and tension, and therefore cut back on the teeth grinding. Also be sure to let your doctor know, as he can often provide other tips to help.

Are You Grinding Your Teeth? How To Find Out.

Talk to any dentist in Coos Bay, or any dentist in North Bend, and they will tell you that one dental problem most people don’t think about is teeth grinding. They’ll also tell you that a lot of the times a toothache in Coos Bay, or a toothache in North Bend could be directly attributed to teeth grinding. But it’s not just a problem affecting the Oregon Bay area, tooth grinding is a worldwide phenomenon. In fact studies show that roughly twenty percent of adults grind their teeth to such a degree that they risk long term tooth and jaw problems.

Greending Teeth

Dentists have done their fair share over the years educating the public on maintaining dental health. Most people know that brushing, flossing, and watching the foods they eat are a must for maintaining good dental health. But for some reason teeth grinding hasn’t got it’s fair share of attention, which is surprising when you look at the before mentioned figure that one out of five adults not only grind their teeth, but do so to the point that they risk serious dental damage. Because most people are unaware when they grind their teeth, either because they do it while sleeping, or subconsciously while awake, let’s take a look at some of the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Teeth Grinding

1. Tooth Damage

This can range from obvious damage, to damage you might not even notice without a careful inspection. Flattening and wearing on the teeth may be gradual, so get familiar with your mouth. If you notice some of your teeth seem to be getting worn down that is a sign. Some tooth damage is pretty obvious however. Chipped teeth are a big warning sign that you are grinding your teeth, and doing so extensively.

2. Sore Jaw

Teeth grinding obviously affects the jaw, as that is what you are using to grind your teeth in the first place. A good way to catch teeth grinding early and before permanent damage is done, is to pay attention to any changes in how your jaw feels. If it is unusually tight, or even sore, and you can think of no direct injury which may be causing these feelings, there’s a good chance it’s from grinding your teeth.

3. Headaches And Earaches

Headaches And Earaches

Headaches and earaches are classic symptoms of jaw tension. And grinding teeth is a classic way to get jaw tension. While you may be experiencing headaches and earaches for a variety of reasons, experiencing both is usually a pretty good sign that you may be grinding your teeth. If you experience these headaches and earaches in the morning, right after you get out of bed or around that time frame, this is a huge warning sign that you are grinding your teeth all night.

As mentioned earlier, many people are habitual teeth grinders and don’t even know it. Or often they realize so late that some dental damage has already been done. If you experience any of the symptoms above talk to your dentist. They have a lot of experience with this problem, and can oftentimes prescribe the right treatment to take care of it.

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